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About Us

Studio Within Salon/Spa puts a distinctive twist on an old practice.

We are an eco-friendly salon that focuses on using clean & organic products. Our Salon/Spa offers an array of services to help you find the best version of yourself. We help promote the health, well-being, and personal appearance of our clients without doing harm to the environment.  

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Our philosophy:

to leave the planet better than the way we found it.

We are proud to partner with Green Circle Salons, the industry's first sustainable salon solution.




The beauty industry is responsible for sending over 800 pounds of waste to the landfills every single minute...

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Through Green Circle, we are able to divert 85-95% of our waste products and

repurpose discarded materials such as foils, color tubes, hair, and plastic bottles; as well as hair

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Our team of highly-trained experts are here to help.
Meet the faces behind Studio Within.

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