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Consultation  $50 (prepaid)

A stylist assesses the condition, texture, and overall health of a person's hair; asking questions to better understand your hair goals and preferences, as well as any concerns or issues they may be experiencing.


May also include a physical examination of the hair and scalp, which can help us make recommendations for products, treatments, and styling techniques. 

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Do you have

Curly Hair?

Our team of certified curl specialists are dedicated to bringing your curls to life with a pop of color! Our stylists have been extensively trained in specialized techniques, taking into account the unique texture and curl pattern of each strand.

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Resulting in a more personalized and natural-looking finish.  (Banner (Landscape)) (2).jpg


High quality hair cuts with precise and even lines, seamless blending, and a flattering shape that enhances the natural features of the individual.


Women's Haircut  $100-$125+

This is a haircut for straight hair types. 

Includes a shampoo + condition, wet cut, and blow dry.

1 hour

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Men's Haircut 

This service involves trimming and shaping of the hair on a man's head. The style can vary depending on the individual's preferences and hair type, but typically includes some combination of cutting, texturizing, and layering the hair.

30 minutes - 1 hour


Kid's Haircut 

This haircutting service is a dry haircut that does not include washing or styling. Determination of kid's haircut and regular haircut is at the discretion of stylist.

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